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HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the code that determines how a website looks and functions. HTML first originated back in the early 1990's but after many years of stagnation it is the latest version, HTML5, which is now attracting a lot of attention. HTML5 attempts to bridge the ever widening gap that HTML wasn't originally designed for from a coding perspective. The invention of mobile phone apps and a range of other non-PC/non-desktop devices which can connect to the Internet leaves HTML exposed as it often struggles to adapt to different screen sizes and technologies auto-magically. As a result, many online casinos and betting companies have already over hauled their previously HTML driven websites and introduced HTML5 poker apps to incorporate the latest HTML coding.

bet365 Poker Mobile

Play bet365 poker mobile on your iPad or iPhone mobile device at bet365. If you do not have an iPad or iPhone you can still play online casino games at bet365 via your mobile phone. bet365 mobile poker is available directly via the bet365 mobile site. There is no requirement to download any additional software in order to play bet365 poker mobile. bet365 poker mobile does not require an 'app' or 'application' in order to play poker which makes it quicker and much easier to start playing poker on your mobile phone!