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Matched Betting

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Thank you for expressing an interest in our Matched Betting Calculator. To make sure that you're comfortable with the concept of Matched Betting we have updated our Matched Betting Calculator to include three typical scenarios .. an example Qualifying Bet, an example Stake Returned Free Bet and an example Stake Not Returned Free Bet. Simply download the latest version of our Matched Betting Calculator then follow the guidance depending on which stage of the Matched Betting process you're at.

Welcome to this Matched Betting tutorial where the folks at will prove it really is possible to PROFIT from online Free Bet offers. Matched Betting is a proven betting strategy that will earn you free money from free bets offered by online bookmakers and betting exchanges alike. Whether you are looking to earn some additional money or are simply interested in "beating the bookies" then this Matched Betting tutorial might just be the most valuable article you’ll ever read.

Download our Matched Betting Calculator Today! Determine how much PROFIT you can extract from Free Bets and Bonus Offers. Input your Back Stake, Back Odds, Lay Odds and Commission to determine your Lay Odds Simply input your email address and our Matched Betting Calculator will become available to download:

Winning PostHi, my name is David and I would like to share with you how I made over £400 in just 4 weeks matched betting. It has been almost two years to the day when I was first introduced to Matched Betting. Straddled with debt I was desperately looking for ways to make additional income online .. and fast! I stumbled upon when searching for a review of the betting exchange Betfair. I didn’t really know it was possible to make money online from free bets until I read the guide to matched betting. I was a little sceptical at first but having read the related forums over on MoneySavingExpert I became inclined to give matched betting a try.

CashbackOur in-depth guide to matched betting below will teach you the best known betting strategy to earning free money from online free bets and bonus offers. Matched betting is a proven betting strategy that will earn you free money from free bets offered by online bookmakers and betting exchanges alike. Matched betting can be achieved on any sports event and you can start off with as little as £50 of your own funds (assuming you start out on the £10 free bets!).

Lay BetWe often get asked what is a Lay Bet and what follows is our easy to read guide to what a Lay Bet is and how to place a Lay Bet. A Lay Bet, also known as laying a bet or betting against a selection, means you are prepared to bet on an outcome of an event that you believe will not happen. For instance, Manchester United are playing Barcelona in the European Cup Final and you believe it will not be a Draw come the final whistle. You will therefore place a Lay Bet on the Draw not to occur. If the end result is a win for either Manchester United or Barcelona then your lay bet prediction has come true (i.e. not the Draw) and you will have won your bet.