bet365 Twister Poker

bet365 Twister Poker

bet365 Twister Poker

bet365 have recently launched an exciting variation of the classic Sit and Go (SNG) poker format called ‘bet365 Twister Poker‘.

bet365 Twister Poker is a 3 handed poker game which has a choice of four buy in options. bet365 Twister Poker is fast paced and offers a turbo sit and go game structure.

Currently, bet365 Twister Poker is only available to those who download and install the bet365 poker desktop application. Therefore bet365 Twister Poker is not yet available on the bet365 poker mobile.

Twister Poker

bet365 Twister Poker suits players who thrive on short stack style poker play as the starting stack is only 500 chips.

The blinds start off low (10 chips small blind and 20 chips big blind) but climb quickly so if you don’t take a punt with some unorthodox plays then your stack will blind away rapidly.

The winner of each game of Twister poker is rewarded with a random jackpot prize that can reach thousands of dollars. The actual jackpot prize is determined prior to the first hand of poker being dealt.

How to play bet365 Twister Poker

Login to bet365 Poker

Once logged into bet365 poker lobby locate the Twister poker icon which is shown below down the left hand side.

If you have bet365 Poker Pal installed on your computer it is also worth firing that up to as the three handed poker format of Twister Poker will see you get into more spots (decision points) as you play more hands.

bet365 Twister Poker Login

Play Twister Poker

Players are invited to choose an initial buy in amount from between $1 to $10 per game. Each buy in amount offers a differing amount of potential jackpots ranging from $2 to $10,000.

  • If you select the $1 Twister Poker SNG then your game could be worth up to $1,000.
  • If you select the $2 Twister Poker SNG then your game could be worth up to $2,000.
  • If you select the $5 Twister Poker SNG then your game could be worth up to $5,000.
  • If you select the $10 Twister Poker SNG then your game could be worth up to $10,000.

Each Twister poker game offers a minimum jackpot prize of double the initial buy in amount. For example, if you decide to play a $5 buy in game then $10 is the minimum that you’ll be playing for. In essence this is similar to a regular ‘double up’ game of heads up poker. Where bet365 Twister Poker differs is that it offers greater value for money in the long run.

Choose between 1 and 6 games to play at once and then click the ‘Play’ button. You’ll not need to wait long as there are always players eager to play bet365 Twister poker.

bet365 Twister Poker Prize Wheel

A ‘wheel of fortune’ esque start to the game determines which jackpot prize will be up for the three sit and go players to compete for. When the dial stops the wheel then the amount that it has landed on indicates the jackpot prize up for grabs.

bet365 Twister Poker Jackpot

The jackpot amount is then displayed on the virtual felt underneath the dealers chips. Typically, if you enter a $10 Twister poker SNG then you’re likely to be competing for between $20 and $60 amounts. This makes Twister poker extremely popular for those who excel at short stack play or are great heads up players.

bet365 Twister Poker Game

Celebrate the win

Win a game of bet365 Twister poker and you’ll be presented with the celebratory winners message congratulating you on your prize amount.

bet365 Twister Poker Winner Screenshot

PokerProZone gave Twister poker a try and having loaded up 6 tables we managed to break even over the 20 minute session. We played at the $10 buy in amounts (more in hope really at having a chance of playing for a huge jackpot prize!) but we were only offered jackpot amounts of $20 x 4, $40 x 1 and $60 x 1. Winning the $40 and one $20 buy in was a pleasing feeling.

There was a certain level of disappointment as we waited eagerly for the wheel of fortune to drop on a huge jackpot amount .. only for it to fall repeatedly on the $20 amount (in comparison to the possibilities of the top prizes).

With 6 tables we had a lot of action and were tested with some big decisions throughout the game play. Our verdict is that bet365 have introduced an exciting and fast paced Sit and Go poker game type to complement their existing repertoire of games.