bet365 Poker Pal

bet365 Poker Pal

bet365 Poker Pal

Let bet365 Poker Pal give you valuable insights into your poker hand ranking whilst you sit back and relax playing online poker at bet365.

A quick glance at bet365 Poker Pal might be all that you need when deciding whether to fold your hand or go all in. There is a strength-o-meter which provides a great visual and helps you to determine quickly whether your poker hand is strong or weak. bet365 Poker Pal even takes into consideration your position at the table and the street that you are playing (the flop, turn or river).

bet365 Poker Pal is designed to show your poker hand strength (or weakness) in relation to the board texture and provides statistical analysis of what your best options are as the poker play unfolds.

bet365 Poker Pal is an exclusive download available to existing bet365 poker players. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to register a bet365 poker alias and top this account up with some player funds in order to start playing poker at bet365.


bet365 Poker Pal requires a file download and the brief installation was pretty fast only taking PokerProZone a couple of minutes to install.

The file size is only 6.3MB which will take less than 2 minutes to download on a 512 Kbps Internet connection according to this useful download time calculator.

bet365 Poker Pal Download

Once downloaded, open up the file to install the bet365 Poker Pal software application.

bet365 Poker Pal Download File

You will be prompted once the bet365 Poker Pal application has been successfully installed. If error messages appear please check that any open bet365 poker tables are closed and that the bet365 poker desktop application is fully shut down before attempting again.

bet365 Poker Pal Installation Setup

Once installed you’ll be presented with a shortcut icon which will can be located on your computers desktop. However you might not need to open this. Typically, the bet365 Poker Pal will launch in the background automatically once you log into the bet365 poker desktop app. Only double click the bet365 Poker Pal icon if it doesn’t load with the desktop app.

Fire up a poker game of your choice and the bet365 Poker Pal will snap to the side of the table. The default visual also shows you your M zone (a calculation based on your stack size vs the sum of blinds and antes). This is extremely useful if you are nursing a short stack at any stage of a tournament as this M zone indicator turns red when you are in danger. There are a few settings that you can customise but in the main we found these unnecessary to alter. You can also alter the position of the bet365 Poker Pal app depending on your preference.

bet365 Poker Pal iPoker

The only negative currently is that bet365 Poker Pal is unavailable for bet365 Poker Mobile as it has been designed exclusively for the standard iPoker desktop installation. However, given that the bet365 Poker Pal is a FREE poker application then it perfectly fine to open/close it when you need it most.

The bet365 Poker Pal is perfect for poker beginners but those who require more advanced poker table analysis software need to invest in tools such as Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker.