Help choosing a Betting Exchange for Matched Betting
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Choosing a Betting Exchange

Amazingly, there are only 4 prominent Betting Exchange in the UK competing for your attention as a New Customer.

The most popular is Betfair but Betdaq are regarded as a great option also.  Matchbook and Smarkets offer lower commission and make up the competition.

Betting Exchanges

Current Free Bet Offer = £20 Free Bet
Commission Rate: 5%

Free Bet Offer = First month’s commission back (up to £1,000)
Commission Rate: 5%

Free Bet Offer = First 5 week’s commission back (up to £500)
Commission Rate: From 0.75%

Free Bet Offer = £10 Free Bet
Commission Rate: 2%

Unfortunately, you cannot match bet without a Betting Exchange account. This is because Matched Betting fundamentally relies on the ability to “Lay” all bets placed with a Bookmaker. Not laying a bet is effectively gambling which is not a profitable betting technique.