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What is an Accumulator Bet?

What is an Accumulator BetWe often get asked what is an accumulator bet and what follows is our easy to read guide to what an accumulator bet is and how to place an accumulator bet.

An accumulator bet (also known as a parlay bet) is a single bet which consists of two or more selections. In order to win an accumulator bet all of the selections must win. For example, if an accumulator bet consists of three selections (known as a treble accumulator) and all three selections win then the punter wins. If any of the three selections fails to win then the accumulator bet loses – irrespective of the other two results. An accumulator bet ensures that the overall odds on offer are significantly higher than that of three individually priced bets.

Placing an accumulator bet

Need to place an accumulator bet? Our guide to placing an accumulator bet below explains exactly what an accumulator bet is and demonstrates how you can make an accumulator bet yourself.

In order to place an accumulator bet you must sign up to a bookmaker such as or a betting exchange such as or Choose the events you wish to bet on then select the amount you’d like to wager / risk before placing the bet.

If the first selection wins then its odds are multiplied by the stake – just like a normal bet. However, these potential winnings are then used to calculate the potential winnings if selection number two also comes home as predicted. Instead of having the original stake going onto the second selection – you actually have the entire winnings from the first selection going onto the second selection! It’s this method of accumulation which ensures that the overall winnings of three selections is a lot higher than three individually placed bets.

In the example below, one lucky punter, Steve Whiteley, 61, chose to bet £2.00 on six horse races in a sixfold accumulator. Each of the six horses won their respective races and the punter walked away with a record £1.4 million win. Steve picked all six winners in the Tote jackpot at Exeter racecourse on Tuesday, 8th March 2011 (see race results).

Example Accumulator Bet

What is an Accumulator Bet?

Types of Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets are named after the number of selections chosen within the accumulator. For instance, a double accumulator is a single bet which consists of 2 selections which must both win in order for the accumulator to be successful. A treble accumulator requires 3 selections to win in order for the accumulator to be successful. There are also fourfold, fivefold, sixfold and sevenfold accumulator bets which each require a greater amount of selections to win to be successful. With each accumulator, each of your selections must win for you to receive any return.

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