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Matched Betting

Learn to PROFIT from FREE BETS by ‘Backing’ and ‘Laying’ all possible results of a sports event.



Learn to Match Bet in 15 minutes by watching our Matched Betting Tutorial video.



Find a Free Bet offer, follow the T&C’s to unlock the Free Bet and place a Qualifying Bet.



Place a corresponding Lay Bet to minimise the associated Risk. Receive your Free Bet.



Place another BET and LAY using the Free Bet – not your own money. Keep the PROFIT.

Video Tutorial

Matched Betting is a profitable betting strategy that turns FREE BETS into CASH.

Calculator Download

An essential tool to implementing Matched Betting profitably.


Download our Matched Betting Calculator to your desktop today.

Thank you for your interest in our Matched Betting Calculator. Please check your email and click the “Download Calculator” link provided.


Execute your bets quicker by avoiding manual calculations.


Turbo charge the arbitrage! Plan ahead for differing Free Bets.


Boost long term profitability by calculating returns in advance.


An easy to follow 5 step process for Matched Betting.

Learn Matched Betting


Matched Betting is a methodical process of extracting cash from free bet offers.

Learn as much as possible before committing to your first Matched Bet and be patient in the process.

Matched Betting is a difficult concept to grasp at first so watch, then re-watch, our Matched Betting tutorial until 100% confident.

Find a Free Bet


Typically, Free Bets range from £10 to £50 and are offered by both Bookmakers and Betting Exchanges.

You’ll come across two types of Free Bets – Stake Returned (SR) and Stake Not Returned (SNR).

Terms and Conditions often vary per offer so complete easier ones (usually Stake Returned Free Bets) first before tackling more complex ones.

Qualifying Bet


To receive a Free Bet you’ll typically need to make a “Qualifying Bet” first.

Qualifying Bets are the same as a “Matched Bet” only they rely on your own money to cover both the Back and Lay bets.

A successful Qualifying Bet will unlock the Free Bet amount on offer.

Free Bet


Once the Free Bet is unlocked your account will be credited with the Free Bet amount as a reward for completing the Qualifying Bet.

The Free Bet amount will not be withdrawable until a second bet is placed – known as the “Free Bet”.

Free Bets are the same as a “Matched Bet” only this time you’ll use the Free Bet amount to cover the Back bet (not your own money).



A successful Free Bet will result in the Free Bet amount becoming withdrawable into a bank account of your choice.

After working through both the Qualifying Bet and Free Bet you should have extracted 80 to 95% of the original Free Bet amount.

Repeat steps 2 thru 5 at multiple Bookmakers to build up your profit from Matched Betting.


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